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Want Viral YouTube Videos?

YouTube offers the best method to make your video go viral.

Going viral is an universal, if lofty aim for almost any YouTube video. However, it requires large parts of both luck and ability to have the video get millions of hits. Especially so in the world of business videos. But are millions of hits necessarily the goal?

We’ve been doing video productions for over 30 years, delivering first on tape, then DVDs, and now via YouTube videos. We have a lot of history doing business video productions.

In this excellent cartoon from Scott Adams, Dilbert has an exact assessment of what it takes to create a viral video, while the third (anonymous) man at the table has the luck to be in the proper place at the right time.

YouTube videoAmong the essential panels is #5 where Dilbert shares he has no related abilities for the assignment his pointy-haired manager is. We’ve commented frequently, company video quality is essential and best left to the aces. That’s what we have been supplying clients in Silicon Valley and around the world for over three decades.

But since we think of ourselves as your YouTube video partners when we do a video project, we think we’re prepared to voice our opinion about how to go about getting YouTube video views and the appropriate action.

An often overlooked step is the first one: you must define the target and the audience for your YouTube video.

Additionally, it is a matter of scale in regards to what defines “viral.” For example, if you’re marketing in the BtoB space to a specialized product or service through your YouTube video with a possible universe of 5,000 engineers throughout the world, 1,000 perspectives would be a great accomplishment.

On the site at WikiHow they have included a list of 10 measures for the way to Make a Viral Video. Our first reaction to the post is the fact that it does not go into any detail for the ten steps. Yet, there’s a vital point in item #4 that’s worth noting – you need to have is video that is at least one of these six, plus the last one:

  • Unique
  • Humorous
  • Stupid
  • Dangerous
  • Strange or peculiar
  • Gross
  • Worth talking about

We particularly enjoy the last one — the YouTube video must be worth talking about. At least in the community that’s your audience.

If the video can also accomplish some of the other features, alright, but we don’t normally produce professional videos that are gross, dangerous or stupid. For some strange reason, those do not frequently seem compatible with a professional business YouTube video.  Imagine that LOL.

If your business is in the consumer marketplace, then the elements of storytelling become much more important. Again, the target market should be considered, but the one of the primary aims is for consumers to SHARE the video. this is a necessary component to going viral.

While the WikiHow article is an excellent article on creating consumer viral videos, we come back to the demand to have your video made by a professional. As Dilbert noted above, you have experienced and to be trained — don’t try this at home, people!

But recall, even if you become a YouTube video master, there is no promise that you will make money from your video.

Monetization is in important part of the aims we mentioned previously, and for the majority of companies to aim is to participate and educate potential buyers about your services or products so that they’ll want to work with you.



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