Corporate Videos from a Business School Graduate

When searching for a company to do corporate videos, trust them to one headed by someone with a business degree.

Corporate videos are becoming more important all the time for getting out a company’s message. Consumers and business buyers all rely more and more on getting their information not from text websites, but from corporate videos. The effect is becoming more and more pronounced every day.

This comes as a surprise to many, but not to us.

If you’ve been paying attention, you have heard some amazing stats regarding the growth and influence of web video:

These numbers are mind-boggling, but they are only increasing. Viewers are becoming more and more addicted to internet videos.

So how does a savvy business person communicate with all these potential viewers — who are of course, potential buyers?

corporate video

The solution is to create their own corporate videos. To accomplish this, the obvious step is hiring a video producer with a strong business background. How do you measure that? An obvious way would be to examine credentials, and what could be more telling than a video producer with an MBA from one of America’s top graduate business schools?

I learned recently that a profile I had submitted to my MBA alumni magazine at the UC School of Business had been included for the “Alumni Notes” section of the magazine. In it, they quoted my comments of how the diverse business background of the Cal Haas Business School had given me a wide background that helped me create corporate videos for my clients for over 3 decades.

I am proud of the diverse education I received at Haas. This has come not just from my MBA academic studies, but from the decades of experience in producing award-winning corporate videos.

But even more noteworthy is the perfect customer satisfaction rating we have received.

When it comes to making corporate video productions, we truly operate on the same wavelength as our clients. Instead of creating “lightweight” corporate videos that entertain, we create corporate videos that accomplish the goals that we mutually develop with our customers before embarking on their project.

Please feel free to see what you can get from a company that truly understands what you are trying to accomplish with your corporate video. Contact us at Penrose Productions.

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