Good business videos: why are they important?

Good business videos are crucial in today’s marketing environment.

Marketing today on the internet and elsewhere is much more than blog posts, media advertising and newspapers. As the internet continues to grow, marketing and customer interaction can happen in numerous ways. One of the best ways to get recognition is through good business videos.

So what are good business videos and why should I make one?

good business videoThese professional business videos should be those specifically made to demonstrate any product or brand which a company wants to market. Videos can help a customer understand the product’s features and benefits. They are powerful because a lot of information can be delivered in a short clip. This short clip has a wide reach as it can be used on multiple channels online and offline and via mobile. It engages the audience, which is the key to marketing today. After all, a product demo on YouTube is easy to find watch and share and you just don’t get this with the traditional marketing methods. And these videos help in the creation of a sales funnel.

What are sales funnels and why are they important?

A good sales funnel consists of three levels:

  • The upper level which should be high level ideas and content designed to make potential leads complete an action rather than buy.
  • The Mid-level where your content is more in-depth allowing you to better qualify your original leads.
  • The lower level; this content should help you close the sale with your now pre-qualified buyers.

A good sales funnel can help turn more leads into customers and then retain them.

Good business videos help in reaching a wide range of leads before helping covert them into customers. However, before making business videos several things should be taken into consideration:

  1. First, the actual money comes from the lower level of sales funnel. So good business videos are particularly effective at targeting the lower level of sales funnels.
  2. Try to keep business videos targeting the upper levels of the sales funnel brief. You want your potential lead to want to know more and have to continue through the funnel to find more.
  3. The strategy is important. So try to come up with a good plan of how you will use video in your sales funnel before you start.

These professional videos are a very engaging way of interacting with your audience. They can provide you with massive social proof due to the viral nature of being able to share videos online.

There is a great showcase of videos from our years in business in Northern California Check out the Penrose Productions site. Just click on the Portfolio.

They are the perfect promotional tool in today’s market.

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