How can a San Francisco Video Production Company Guarantee their Work?

Seriously, how can a company like Penrose Productions guarantee their videos when it’s all custom work?

That’s an excellent question!  Let’s face it, it’s impossible to find another San Francisco video production company that will guarantee their work.


The way we can offer a guarantee is through COLLABORATION.

When we take on a project, we become your PARTNERS in the video, completely invested in the success of the video. Right from the beginning, we meet with the client to figure out what the goals are for the production: what it should accomplish, how it will mesh with other aspects of the project, and how it will be integrated to meet the goal.

During the preliminary pre-production process, we lay out a series of goals and benchmarks to meet those goals.  We commit to developing the video to meet your desired goals. This might include a revenue increase or lowering costs via training

But those goals are relatively easy to measure. If the goal is harder to measure, we may quantify other defined results. These might include improved employee morale or attitudes as determined by surveys, increased program awareness as determined by tests or surveys, a higher number of visitors to a trade show booth, etc.

Typically the video will be used together with other materials or presentations to achieve a desired result.

Because of our extensive business and communications background (our founder has an MBA from the University of California’s Haas School of Business)  and experience (since 1981), we work WITH you to integrate the various inputs, including video or multimedia.  We help you look STRATEGICALLY at the BIG PICTURE, then get down to the fine TACTICAL details.

And we know that no San Francisco video production firm (or anywhere for that matter) can ever deliver a video (let alone guarantee it) that would be considered a success if it is never used. So we work with the client to determine how to best present it to its intended audience.

This approach works not only in producing quality award-winning videos, but in what others might consider more ordinary or even mundane videos. Instead of a flashy award winning video, you might just need a “talking head” message from the boss to accomplish your goals.

The days when companies could justify the luxury of warm and fuzzy programs are long since passed.

Our clients’ video dollars should be considered an INVESTMENT, and we want to partner with our clients to bring a favorable return on that investment.

This applies to a huge spectrum of business applications and markets, from non-profit organizations to high tech companies, and for sales, marketing, training and communications.

As mentioned earlier, we set benchmarks along the process and define quantifiable goals whenever possible. In order to guarantee that we are giving you what you need, we religiously track those benchmarks and stay in contact to ensure that all stakeholders are in agreement before moving forward. By agreeing to give us feedback, we can back our guarantee completely.

To be frank, since we will depend on each another for meting those benchmarks, we do not accept all projects.  It’s possible that after reviewing your needs and goals, we may recommend that a video is not the best way to help you meet your goal.

But there is no charge to find out. WE TAKE THE RISK.  Contact us today to get a FREE assessment of your project.  Together we’ll look at being your partner in success.

You’ll be pleased with our work — we guarantee it!

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