How to Look Professional on Camera

To look professional on camera, here are some tips based on our many years in video production…

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to looking professional on camera.

As Dan Rather titled his autobiography, “The Camera Never Blinks” it’s impossible to escape the gaze of the camera, once you’ve agreed to be on it. So among other things, you’ll want to look professional on camera.

But there’s much more to it than that.

Recently I read an article in Men’s Health Magazine (I know, I understand, but stick with me here). I believed that several of the items were valid in the article  about “How to Make a Great First Impression.” It occurred to me that several of these items can also be related to helping you look professional on camera.

professional on camera

I was particularly impressed by points #6, 7, 8, 12, 13 in the post, and they’re listed below.

In our video productions we often have CEOs and other C-level executives produce staged messages and presentations to their workers via the camera (we generally edit the demo and it gets uploaded to our client’s inner web site) and some come off better than others. Actually, when we record their messages to the live audience for later supply and shoot live events, the same principle applies.

So those points in the post are totally congruent with some of the things they can do to improve if you can look professional on camera.

We are regularly told that it is important not to judge a book by its cover; however, many people make up our minds about a person on the first initial opinion. If video demo plays a part in your job, then it’s imperative that you understand just how to present yourself well onscreen if you desire to enhance your message on camera.

Many people come across nicely when it comes to presenting themselves to an audience while others fight to appear natural or relaxed on camera.

These tips can help you to improve your presentation.

1. Don’t cross your arms

This type of body language makes a man look unapproachable and difficult to relate to; it may also seem impolite.

2. Give it a sincere smile

Smiling is a simple gesture that is enough, but many of us forget to smile, particularly when we are stressed. A smile makes you seem approachable, friendly and warm; do not be frightened to use a grin in your presentation when it is suitable and you’ll help your audience to feel at ease.

3. Attempt Positive Thinking

If you are uncomfortable at doing a demonstration then this will be revealed in the way you come across to your audience. Many people are better presenters than others, but don’t let you are overwhelmed by this idea and do not get caught up in negative feelings over how you might appear onscreen. Concentrate on delivering your message in a clear and concise way and use all of the positive facets of your personality to get your message across and participate with the crowd.

4. Look directly at the lens, when you are presenting to the camera.

This can help you to seem confident and the audience will find it simpler to participate with you. Using eye contact can help the audience to feel like they have a link with you and they are more likely to listen to your message. If this is difficult, we can provide a teleprompter, which is one of our many services.

5. Be Yourself

People know when someone is giving a false belief. Do not try and be witty, outgoing and amusing if that does not reflect style or your persona. Most folks are quite savvy and if an individual’s demo seems contrived, they’ll discover.  Play to your own strengths and talents and use them to share your message with great clarity.

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