How to Measure Video Success of Your Web Videos

Measure how successful your videos are with these proven tips.

If you’re trying to get your story told and drive business, there’s no doubt you know the power of video marketing.  Video is one of the top resources that potential clients and customers turn to when they’re doing pre-purchase research and want to learn more about a product or service that a business offers.  Video content, done correctly, is one of the best ways to market to these new potential customers while also keeping your current customers engaged. But you must measure video success in order to remain efficient.

The question we most often hear about videos when it comes to marketing and sales is how to determine their video success. 

measure video successBasically, how will you know if it’s working?   This is a critical question to answer because if it’s neglected, you may find yourself spending unnecessary time spinning your wheels (or ‘reels’ in this case!) without seeing any results. It’s obvious that you need to measure video success to understand if it is working.

There is an important step that is often overlooked.

Before you start your video marketing, you want to make sure you have goals set in place and an understanding of the metrics you’ll use to track the achievement of those goals. Some of the most common goals for video marketing are:

  • To Increase brand awareness and drive engagement
  • To generate leads and drive sales opportunities
  • To drive traffic to a website
  • Encourage subscriptions to a service (whether it’s a mailing list or video-based premium feature)
Examine the metrics!

Once your goals are set, and you’ve got your video up and running, you want to start measuring the impact of your videos by examining the metrics.  To strategically do this, you need to look further beyond merely measuring the views.  Sure, this is a great place to start, but it’s only the beginning.  You need to drill down deeper to some of the metrics listed below if you want full insight on how your video marketing is performing:

Click-Through Rate: How many people are clicking from your video to your website (especially if your video has links embedded leading directly to your website or another landing page)? Click-through rate is a great indicator of a strong video as well as customer interest in a product.  Individuals that click through are indicating that they have some interest in learning more about your product or service. Therefore, this is a strong metric to determine lead generation opportunities.

Shares and Likes: If you want to maximize brand awareness, build social credibility and reinforce thought leadership for your brand, social shares and likes can give you a terrific glimpse into how you’re performing.  This is a great ‘immediate’ goal to have if you’re trying to build brand or product awareness (as opposed to going in for the direct sell).

Conversion Rate: If you’ve got the proper analytics installed, you can analyze and measure the customer journey through your website, and that will show you where your customers are going after watching your video.  If they’re going to your ‘Contact Us’ page or visiting your e-commerce store, your video is most likely doing an excellent job of converting (depending on what your goals are).  If you’re noticing a high bounce rate, this could be an indication that you need to spend some time re-examining your video content and strategy.

How important is it to measure video success?

It’s clear that video is an important part of your marketing and sales content mix, but we hope we’ve also illustrated how important it is to clearly outline your goals. From there it follows that you need to leverage the metrics by which you’ll track those goals when you’re producing those videos. Monitoring your metrics is the best way to tell whether your efforts are successful or not and can help you determine whether you need to adjust your strategy or if you should keep on rolling with your present (and successful!) marketing and sales video strategy.

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